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The Civil Society site is a joint venture of cooperation between University of Haifa, Haifa Municipality, Council for Voluntarism Haifa and CJP Greater Boston- Haifa-Boston Connection. The site is regularly updated database of dozens of Civil Society organizations active in the vicinity of Haifa. The site provides service to the residents of Haifa as well as its organizations, as a way to advance and assist the organizations with their important and vital work. The database is organized using categories that comply with international standarts developed by academic institutions that research Civil Society organizations worldwide.

Can we help your organization ?
If the organization you head acts for the benifit for the benefit of a social good or to promote a public interest this site is for you.


We are sorry but for the time being, this site does not provide service to government organizations. This is not a commercial site and does not provide advertisement services for any kind of business. This site will not provide service to organizations that promote violent, discriminatory or otherwise illegal activities.

How will registering to the site benefit you ?
The site enables social organizations to inform and update the public about their existence, their objectives, the service or social good they offer, events they organize and whether they require assistance - all free of charge.
The sites database improves the organizations exposure to the public, to those in need of the services or goods the organization provide, and to potential volunteers and donors. Research reveals that people who wish to volunteer are deterred because of the difficulties in locating a suitable organization. We hope that this site will address the problem.

Important Note
It is very important to fill out all the required fields in the registration form. Though it may take longer, it is necessary to ensure that the information you input is complete. That will prevent any delays in adding your organization to the site.

How to register ?
Please read the instructions and fill out the required information.

Attention: At the end of the registration process youll receive a username and a password. It is highly important you remember them for future use. Youll need your username and password to update your organizations listings, post a wanted add for volunteers, announce activities, add a link to your site, etc.

Not sure if you are already registered to the site?
Just in case, please try and find your organization through our search before starting the registration process.

If you require a certain service and want to search for an organization that can assist you click here to view the listed organizations and search for an organization.

If you wish to volunteer and contribute click here to view the organizations volunteers adds.

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  • Encountered a problem during registration ?
Please Contact Us leaving your Organizations Name and a phone number where we can reach you. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Here youll find information about the civil society organizations in Haifa. You can search for Organizations by their fields of service.

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